Income TAX State of Michigan

Attached is the paper Income TAX State of Michigan

Please prepare a paper no more than seven to ten pages in length,double space and using a 12 Font New Times Roman.Please use the APA model (paste this in your browser:
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Questions To Be Addressed in Your Paper

1. Briefly describe when and how the income tax statute was adopted in the State.

2. Briefly describe how the income tax is applied in the state.

3. How many other states utilize a similar income tax system?

4. How much revenue on an annual basis has the state’s income tax generated over the past ten years? Please note any changes in the law that affected the amount of revenue generated during this period.

5. Discuss how the tax affects low income residents and high income residents.

6. What are the arguments presented by interest groups who favor the income tax contrast that with those groups who opposed the income tax?

7. In your opinion and based on the research how should Michigan tax wages, salary and other earned income or should it tax it at all?

8. Over the past ten years how much funding has the state provided colleges and universities on an annual basis? Please note in your paper any changes in the funding levels over that period. Please comment on the impact of inflation regarding those funding levels.

9. What is the other major sources of funding for the state’s colleges and universities?

10. How does Michigan method of funding higher education compare with other States (pick two other states)?

11. In your opinion based on your research how should higher education be funded in Michigan?

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