income inequality in the US over the past thirty years

Many observers argue that income inequality has grown dramatically in the US over the past thirty years. Who has gained? Who has lost? Why has the upper 5% of American households made out so well? How much of the national income and wealth now goes to the top 1%? How does Richard Wolff explain the decline in Working class wages? Why do Hacker and Pierson want us to look at the top 0.1 of households (top 99.9%) to understand the full extent of income in equality in America? What if anything, can government do to undo what it already has done to make class inequality deeper? Do you believe that people should have a fair chance in a social competition or a fair share of basic public goods? Should we do anything to alter market outcomes in income distribution, or leave well enough alone? What would a Conservative like Ron Paul argue? Or a Liberal like Robert Reich? And what about you?

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