Ideology & public policy

Ideology & public policy
Mendes, P (2008) Australia’s Welfare Wars Revisited, UNSW Press, Sydney, Chapter Leading the Backlash: The neoliberal critique of the welfare state
• When was the term ‘dole bludger’ first used and in what context was it used?
• What did New Right thinkers believe about the role of the state?
• What did neoliberals think of the welfare state?
• Why did neoliberals promote labour market deregulation?
• What is mutual obligation and why did neoliberal promote this idea?
Lakoff, G (2004) Don’t Think of an Elephant: know your values and frame the debate, Scribe, Melbourne Chapter 1 Framing 101: How to take back public discourse
• What is framing?
• How does framing work?
• What is the strict father model and why assumptions does it have?
• What is the nurturing parent model and why assumptions does it have?
• How can the progressive and conservative worldviews be applied to Australian politics?

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