Human Resource management

Type of work: Coursework (Writing)Citation Style: Harvard
Number of pages: 3 pages (1650 words)
Number of sources/references: 4
Topic: Human Resource management
Subject: Management
Line spacing: single

It has to be in relation to an airline company in ireland so either Cityjet or Ryanair. 1500-2000. more course material can be added later on

Human Resource Management
Stage 3
30% CA
Instructions for learners
In writing the assignment students should combine material presented in the class and academic publications they have sourced as relevant to the topic. Appropriate practical experience can be utilised to support discussion as appropriate. Research of relevant knowledge sources (e.g. academic publications) will; on the other hand, drive the quality of the completed project.
Assignment word count
1500 – 2000 words
General One (1) copy of the completed project should be submitted via Turnitin – ensure the plagiarism/assignment cover sheet is at the front of the document.
The assignment should be word processed in 12pt font size, with 1.5 line spacing. Marks will be awarded for presentation and layout.
Submission Deadline 23rd March 2017
Assignments submitted late (without extension granted) will be corrected but this mark will not be included for grading purposes.

Mumford (1986) refers to management development as ’an attempt to improve managerial effectiveness through a planned and deliberate learning process’.
Carry out a critical evaluation of the management development model and activities within an organisation with which you are familiar. Make recommendations for improvement and consider their implications.
The aim of the assignment is to apply the course concepts and material by critically reviewing the organisation’s current practice in the area of management development, and making recommendations that are relevant.
Your assignment should incorporate
a) Critical analysis and evaluation of the current situation. (50 marks) b) Recommendations that consider the implications of their implementation. (30 marks) c) A summary and conclusions, which show evidence of critical thinking. (20 marks)

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