HU345 A9

HU345 A9Throughout the course you have worked to take apart and analyze the elements of an argument. You have had a chance to see common problems in reasoning and ways to make
the argument more effective. You have also had a chance to examine visual arguments and their methods of persuasion. Relying on the information you have gained in the
course, the Final Project is your chance to offer a full dissection of two television commercials, complete with an expression of the style of argument, use of images,
structure, and conclusions.
You will compose a critical thinking analysis of two television commercials. The paper should be at least 5 pages long and provide a full analysis of both commercials.
You may write more than 5 pages, but if you are under the requirement, this is a sign that you will need to add more depth and detail to the essay.
Select two commercials for the project. If you do not regularly watch television, you can still complete the assignment by searching YouTube or individual product
websites to find advertisements for products, goods, or services. Choose one commercial that you think is effective and persuasive, and another that you think fails to
make a strong argument.
First, you will describe what happens in each commercial. Assume that the reader has not seen either commercial. Explain the use of words, images, and sounds.
Next, put into words the premises, claims, and conclusion from each commercial. Identify which styles of argument are being used. Introduce and explain the various
arguments, the visual elements, any fallacies, and appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos. Discuss what the commercials have done well or what is lacking.
Finally, offer two suggestions that would strengthen each commercial. What would make the effective commercial even stronger? What would cause the ineffective
commercial to become persuasive? Explain why this would make a difference in the final outcome for the commercial.

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