Historical Perspective Essay

Historical Perspective Essay

1. To situate literary works with respect to American historical, cultural, and social contexts.
2. Develop critical writing skills
3. Evaluate the relevance of American literary works for modern society


1. From the readings we have had thus far in the semester, choose which author you would like to focus your paper.

2.Select the work(s) of the author.

3. Look for connections between the literature and history. Use the chronologies within each block on the main Moodle page to help you make these connections. Choose
from the following historical events: Romanticism, detective fiction, science fiction, Christianity, Gothic literature, Puritanism,slavery/slave trade, settling of the
original colonies. Use one of those as your historical component.

4. Determine how events in history influenced the writing

5. Create your thesis statement

6. Use MLA Guidelines(MS Word Document)

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