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Prevention and safety of the injury
In most of the cases which are being experienced in most of the countries about the death rate of the young age. Typically children who get exposed to the numerous hazardous risks when they are in the process of growing and making some moves regarding their developments into adulthood. The unintentional injuries are principal factors which are at the forefront in causing severe deaths which would otherwise be prevented. However, such actions are the most leading death causing factors in the United States of America. On the other hands, as such injuries happen, such tragic are bound to be predictable and may be even be prevented. Moreover, the diverse segments which are within the society have resorted to making an intervention to come up with a substantive manner in which such tragic occurrences may be avoided by all means. In contrary most of the countries which are anticipated to be at the forefront to champion, such effective moves are not showing up on the discourse and the commitments required.
After going through the article which is largely about the prevention measures of the avoidable injuries and deaths. I have entirely been convinced that indeed there are some actions which if taken and implemented fully then, they may bring some preventions on the mortality rate which is dominant among the teenagers. The content contained on the website is of a vital help to the general public and other stakeholders which might be of a close interest in what is taking place and the appropriate efforts needed to bring the proper change to society. Nevertheless, it is possible by ensuring that public awareness is created.
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In this website, it touches on the number of patients who go to the hospital for emergency and accident, are those who get involved in road accidents on a daily basis and sustain minor or severe injuries. However, most of them usually are in possession of tissue injuries which when not handled properly may result to something else regarding live threatening to the victim. The injuries which are faced by these victims statistically are caused by road, where the teenagers get involved in roads accidents. On the other hand’s such occurrences they make people question the sincerity of the general public‘s awareness on the safety on our streets.
It goes without saying that indeed the teenagers have adversely been affected by the injuries which frequently happen on our roads. There should be an articulate public participation on measures and responsibilities which both the pedestrians and the drivers who use our roads to examine some of the logical manners in which the occurrences of such happenings may be further prevented. In my opinion, I would agree with some of the measures which have been taken by some of the countries like in the United States where a lot of respect has been instilled to all the stakeholders who use the roads to curb the preventable accidents which are dominants in some parts of the world.

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