Health and safety

Health and safetyOrder Description
make A power point that consist of 20 slides. the topic is in health and safety of magnetic resonance imaging especially in Radio frequency waves and specific absorption rate(SAR). SO, please focus on radio frequency and SAR ONLY in the 20 slides. SOURCES MUST BE IN RADIOFREQUENCY AND SAR IN MRI.

Presentation information: Your work should have a formal structure with
• Title page (1 slide): choice of topic and your name
• Outline (1 or 2 slides): showing the structure of the presentation
• Introduction (6 to 8 slides): introducing key concepts relevant to your topic
and provide a background that leads into your topic
• Key concepts relating to your topic (6 to 8 slides): Describe the topic in
detail, making sure concepts are explained clearly
• Figures, illustrations and diagrams (as appropriate): These should aid
understanding of difficult concepts
• Text (keep 1 concept per 1 bullet point, 3 concepts maximum per slide): Text
should not be excessive, but sufficient for reader to understand the key
concepts presented
• Equations (should be used sparingly, however in some instances it may be
necessary): Can be used, however equation variables and terms should all be
explained and their relevance highlighted
• Advantages and disadvantages, limitations and drawbacks (2 or 3
slides): Point out how the technique fits within the broader field
• Utility of chosen topic (2 to 4 slides): How useful is the topic of choice in
practice? What are the applications?
• Directions (1 to 3 slides): What types of research and development were
outcomes of findings within the area of your chosen topic?
• Summary (1 slide): State key points relating to your findings about your topic
• References (as needed): These slides are not counted in the total slide count

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