FINANACE 3001 Myriad of ideas and tools

FINANACE 3001 Myriad of ideas and tools

In the past weeks, you have been introduced to a myriad of ideas and tools to help you be a more effective decision-maker and manager. Understanding what tools are at
your disposal as a manager can help ensure that you are able to make informed, reasoned financial decisions as you seek to improve and grow your business. As you reach
the end of Managerial Accounting, take a few moments to reflect on the concepts covered, how these concepts are used in the business world, and how you can use them in
the future.

Based on your experiences respond to the following:

What topic (concept) did you find most interesting in the course?
What application (example/analysis) in the course did you think was most useful to you and your professional goals?
Last week, the articles in the Resources focused on Mickey Drexler and creating a demand for high end products by limiting production. Are there ethical issues
associated with limiting supply to create “demand frenzy”—i.e., Nintendo Wii, Cabbage Patch dolls, etc.?

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