Explain how to hack the most common web browser

1. In your own words explain what happens when a session is hijacked. Include in your answer the steps that are taken to conduct a session hijacking attack.

2. Describe different types of session hijacking. Also research session hijacking on internet and see if you can find a case where session hijacking was successfully used to perform an attack against a system. Include references in your answer.

3. Identify 2 or 3 session hijacking tools and explain how they work.

4. Discuss and explain how to hack the most common Web browser. Also include methods for securing Web browsers. Include at least two different Web browsers in your discussion.

5. Describe the objectives of Web application hacking and the anatomy of an attack.

6. Explain what a SQL injection is and the steps for performing SQL injection.

7. In your own words explain what database hacking is and why databases are targeted by hackers.

8. In your own words explain why Linux is often targeted by hackers. Do you think this makes Linux less secure than other operating systems?

9. Discuss the various types of router attacks and methods to prevent attacks.

10. Research and describe an attack that has occurred in the past year where the security of handheld was compromised in some way. Explain how the attack was carried out and special tools that were used to perform the attack. Could the attack have been prevented?

11. Discuss the different types of attacks launched against USB devices and countermeasure users can take to protect their devices.

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