Excel spreadsheet using intermediate skills

Excel spreadsheet using intermediate skills
using intermediate tools and various excel skills, follow the instructions to complete a spreadsheet to the
Networking & Communication – Module Assignment
Create an electronic spreadsheet using MS Excel. While you are encouraged to be creative, you will be
graded on your ability to demonstrate an understanding of the module content and the ability to use
the software application (Excel) to create a spreadsheet. All listed items below must be present and
included in an Excel file.
You will create a new Excel file, name the file “Networking_YourLastName”, and complete the work
Note: You must cite your sources using MLA or APA citation style. Additionally, you must write in your
own words (paraphrase). Copying and pasting text from a website is never acceptable and is plagiarism.
III. Discount Rate – use the day of the month you created your Excel assignment for the Discount Rate;
for example if you create your Excel assignment on 15th day of the month (e.g. 1/15/2017) then the
discount rate would be 15%, if you created the file on the 5th day of the month the discount rate would
be 5%
Note: The functionality you are being asked to use were covered in the Atomic Learning videos. If you
need to go back and review a tutorial, please do so.
IV. Submit your assignment – Access the module and upload your finished Excel file to the dropbox.
V. Scenario – Your best friend has just moved from student housing, which provided free wireless access
to a new two story home. Your friend has asked for your help with the design of the network and if you
could give him a few pricing options for a WAP, switch, router, and 50 ft. of CAT 5E cable. Your friend
has a discount card that can only be applied to purchases from Best Buy, Newegg, or Amazon. Since it is
your best friend, you have decided to help further by creating a spreadsheet that will give him/her three
options for each component. In addition, being the good friend that you are, you are going to include a
recommendation list which will include the subtotal, discount rate, total cost and a brief description of
each component.

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