Ethics Assignment:

Ethics Assignment:
Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights are all important intellectual property areas for businesses and companies. Pick one of these property areas and do some research
on it. What items does it specifically cover? Are there limitations or restrictions? What do they require you to do to be covered or protected by law? How is
enforcement handled?
Total length of response for this assignment needs to be a minimum of 1 ½ full pages; maximum response is 3 pages total.
Use MS Word or its equivalent. File formats that are acceptable for this assignment include: doc, docx, txt, and pdf.
Text Size: All of the text in this assignment needs to be set in 12-point size. Please resist the temptation to mix and match point sizes. If you doubt your
applications intentions, just select all of your text and insure that it is in 12-point size.
Double Spacing: For this class select all of your text and set it for double spacing. This includes the name block, title and body of your work. This allows space for
marking up or making notes while I am reviewing what you have written.
Margins: One-inch margins mean one (1”) on all sides. The only text that ends up on the outside of the one-inch margin is the page number.
Name Block: Place the name block in the upper right corner of the page. In this class, the name block only needs to be on the first page. Put your name first, then the
class title and then the date. Example:

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