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Hi, on the four following topics please write and answer two papragraphs per page one for each For a total of two pages. Thank You.
1).Delve into Hallie’s notion of cruelty and the various factors which fuel what he dubs institutionalized cruelty. Focusing upon the Holocaust, (or slavery via 12 Years a Slave), unpack how the various ways normal people are able to engage in institutionalized cruelty and yet they still view their behavior as somehow legitimate. What does Hallie indicate are the ways to combat institutionalized cruelty? Are there any examples of cruelty which transpire in 2016 and do you consider such acts evil? Why or why not

2).The movie Seven presents people who are supposed to represent each of the seven deadly sins. What message about the effects of sin does the killer try to communicate in his spree of killings? Taking one significant vice, explain how it can affect a person who is consumed by it. Unpack what Aristotle would likely say about the various characters (the detectives, the victims and the perpetrator) and why.
3).Construct a debate between Amsterdam (or the abolitionist Bedau) versus the retentionist Ernest van den Haag on capital punishment (make sure to include a few of their central arguments). Would you interject and add in any arguments of your own and if so what and why? Ultimately, who do you think wins the debate over capital punishment and why?
4).Unpack Judith Jarvis Thompson’s arguments for defending abortion in most instances from her article “A Defense of Abortion.” Compare and contrast her stance with Don Marquis’ article and explain who you think holds the better stance and why. Do you think either thinker left out any central arguments, and if so, what are they?

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