Essay on aqueous acid base equilibria

1) Write me an essay on Aqueous Acid – Base Equilibria, sighting what you feel that ‘take-home’ message is from this topic, AND applying one thing from the topic to something you know in ‘real life.’  This is an extremely broad question and lots of answers are right.2) Write me an essay on the Applications of Aqueous Equilibria, sighting what you feel that ‘take-home’ message is from this topic, AND applying one thing from the topic to something you know in ‘real life.’  This is an extremely broad question and lots of answers are right.
Calculate the pH at the second stoichiometric point when 250 mL of a 0.025 M solution of tartaric acid (Ka1 = 9.2 x 10-4, Ka2 = 4.3 x 10-5) is titrated with 1.00 M NaOH.
What is a suitable indicator for this titration?
When a solution of ethylenediamine (en) is added to a solution containing Mn2+, three en ligands bond to the metal in stepwise fashion. Write all the equilibria involving Mn2+ and en.
When a solution of leucine (an amino acid) is titrated with strong base, the pH before titration is 1.85, the pH at the midpoint of the titration is 2.36, and the pH at the stoichiometric point is 6.00. Determine the value of Ka for leucine.

Part 2
1.  Explain how an object can look ‘green’ when light with all wavelengths is shined on it.
2.  The equation E = hc/v allows for all forms of electromagnetic radiation to be appreciated together.  If some light has a very low energy, what does that say about the value of v?
3.  Thinking about the above equation, look up the energy of light in the UV region and compare to light in the IR.  Why is UV more dangerous to humans?
4.  When a compound is found to have an absorption peak at a specific wavelength – what does that mean in terms of what is happening between the light and the compound?
5.  If you are told that Beers Law is a measure of the absorbance, and the equation is A = abc where c is the concentration, what would you expect to see happen to the absorbance if the concentration of a substance is increased?

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