Electronics I (Devices and Materials)

Electronics I (Devices and Materials)
NMOS DC Operation in Saturation PROJECT
Figure 3. Classical bias NMOS configuration

In summary:

1) Find VGS analytically
a. Graph the I/V curve at this VGS using DC Sweep
2) Find RG1 RG2 and RD for a VD of 3V
a. Show the DC Operating Point in saturation
3) Find rdsanalytically

The report format and grade breakdown is as follows:
• Cover Page: 5 Points
• Solution to the drain current equation, solving for Vgs: (15 Points)
• Graph of the I/V curve at the above VGS: (15 Points)
• Schematic of the bias circuit with resistors RG1 RG2 and RD: (15 points)
• Output of the DC bias simulation at VD = 3V: (15 points)
• Solution to the rdsequation: (15 points)
• BONUS: What resistor RD value will allow us to achieve 1.5 mA ID and be in deep triode? (+15 points)
• Conclusion: 20 Points
◦ Explain in a few sentences how the NMOS device works and why we can use RD to set the DC operating point. (HINT: ohm law)

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