EGT318 002 Summer 2015– Group Project.

EGT318 002 Summer 2015– Group Project.
prepare a Literature Review (see “Academic Writing: Writing a Literature
Review” in the course documents folder) on one topic of automation processes and applications.
Examples (just a few):
Nanofabrication Techniques
?? Electron beam Lithography
?? Focused Ion Beam Lithography
?? Colloid Monolayer Lithography
?? Molecular Self Assembly
?? Electrically Induced Nanopatterning
?? Rapid Prototyping in Nanotechnology
?? X-ray Lithography
?? Ion Projection Lithography
Microfabrication Techniques
?? Photolithography
?? Soft Lithography
?? Film Deposition
?? Etching
?? Bonding
?? Groups with 4 to 6 members
?? 15 pages, minimum (line spacing 1.5)
?? 5 references, minimum. Preferable articles, books, conference proceedings; Wikipedia is
not an acceptable source.
?? Each group will make a class presentation on last day of classes, before the final exam.
The written report is due in the same day. The presentation will not exceed 20 minutes.
Groups will lose points if time is exceeded.

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