Education- research paper

Education- research paperOrder Description
Present the results of a personal professional learning journey you began in Assignment
1. Within the time frame and with the resources available, conduct research on a topic
collaboratively identified in Assignment 1. The research process should be closely allied
to your teaching context and grounded in professional reflective practice methodology.
Your research will develop your generative learning focus identified in Assignment 1.
Imagine you will present your research as part of your e-portfolio and final exit
Expected content:
Your submission should include:
? A description of your professional context and (possibly still emerging) rationale for
topic choice;
? A methodological approach to publicly available and non-identifying data
(precluding the need to seek ethics approval) including relevant Codes of Conduct
and Duty of Care;
? Findings from the data and a discussion;
? A visualisation which will aid in communication and word count reduction;
? Recommendations (one or two) based on contemporary educational thinking

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