eating disorder ” bulimia “

eating disorder ” bulimia ”
Length of body of paper: 1 and half pages, double-spaced, 12 font, normal margins.
Organized, typed, double spaced, spell-checked, grammar-checked, proof-read and professionally presented.
Must have minimum of four peer-reviewed journal sources. I do not count nor accept Wikipedia or as academic sources.
Papers will be graded on how thoroughly the subject area is covered and how well the information and its importance to the body of knowledge are applied to the research. This isn’t about length, but depth and application as well as general information. Please continue to ask yourselves “why is this important and who should know about it?”
The paper must be done in research format, which includes the paper being typed, spell-checked, grammar checked, double-spaced. Be sure to cite sources within the body of the paper using APA format. Any idea that is not yours MUST have a citation for where the information came from. Without source citation, you are committing plagiarism.
Include all pieces neatly in a notebook. Take the time to hole-punch and deliver the project professionally.
Individual grade reporting forms should be turned in independently from group project.

2.) Order in Notebook
Grading Rubric Table (see below) Top Page in Notebook (I will provide one).
Title page: Use APA format; title of project and group member names
Body of research paper: Use APA in text citations
Works cited page: Use APA format. Only one “.com” may be used per four citations. All other citations must be .gov, .org, .edu, a professional or academic journal, periodical, book, etc. A research paper written exclusively from sources is not an academic research paper.
Interviews (if needed): Use APA Format, cite name, title, full address, phone, fax/e-mail (if known), date(s) of interview, and where interview occurred. Attach business card of establishment when appropriate.
One copy of each of the sources; if from journal, the abstract is all that is needed, if from a book other than the class text a copy of the pages used would be acceptable, for websites a copy of the homepage would be acceptable.
Include all of the above neatly in a notebook/binder.

3.) Presentation
Due: on assigned date worth 30 points; must be given on date scheduled, no exceptions
Length: 15-20 minutes, I will begin deducting points for every minute the presentation goes over time
Summarize your group’s research findings
Provide class members with fact sheet/brochures/talking points or anything similar containing a brief overview of relevant facts related to your chosen topic.

the topis is about eating disorder ” bulimia “

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