Discussion Questions

Discussion QuestionsAnswer two discussion questions with a minimum of 138 words each answer:

1. Class – How many of us have had this experience? “…I always thought this person had great ability and never lived up to [their] potential. [They] were capable of high level performance and yet did not deliver consistently.”

Think back within your own experience – maybe YOU have been the one that underachieved? What productive/counterproductive characteristics did you see early on?

How did these characteristics manifest themselves?

How did this person “change” that subsequently shifted your perspective of their ability?

How did you engage this individual over the course of this “shift”? Did you coach? Reprimand?

Make example of them? Sympathize? Empathize?

What was the cost in the immediate space of engaging or not engaging this person?

2. Marty Linsky is a faculty member of Harvard University and former Chief Secretary to Massachusetts Governor William Weld. In the Tedtalk link below Mr. Linsky discusses aspirations that we have and the current reality. He contends the gap between aspirations and current reality presents a leadership opportunity. Thank of the gaps within your own experience. What can you do to close those gaps? What can you do as a leaders to merge the aspiration with reality?

Mr. Linsky argues that many times we do not exercise leadership when given the opportunity. Consider situations within your own experiences. Give an example from your experiences where you had the opportunity to exercise leadership. Did you take that opportunity? If so, how? If not, why not?


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