Difference between project management and program management

Project management is the process that helps projects achieve their objectives. These processes include initiating the project, developing the plan to execute the project, executing the project according to the approved plan, controlling the project activities throughout its lifetime, and finally handing over the output of the project to the client, and closing the project.

Program management is defined as the centralized coordinated management of a program to achieve its strategic objectives. In program management you only manage the interrelated or interdependent projects as a group to achieve the desired result.

In project management you manage one individual project while in program management you manage multiple similar or related projects.

A project can be a part of a program but a program cannot be a part of a project.

Program management addresses the management of project management. It helps you set the project management processes and measure the project results.

The Benefits of Program Management.

Example for management program, a Total Quality Management program, workplace safety program, supplier development program, etc. on the other hand, example of project management, deliver a new factory, hospital or IT system.

The objective of program management is to optimize the utilization of resources among projects and reduce the friction or constraints so as to increase the organization’s performance.

The Difference between Project Management and Program Management.

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