Difference between asset management and fm

1. The owner/manager of the assets will ask what is the difference between Asset management and FM? How will you answer the owner? The deliverable will be a brief answer to the question bearing in mind the type of assets FM will manage.

2. Define the envisaged organizational structure  for all on site personnel as well as appropriate input from head office. Explain to the owner/manager why and how technical experts or subject matter experts need to support or direct you with certain technical or building related objects as an FM -The deliverables will be an organizational structure to deliver optimized FM solution to the owner/customer and explanation of how technical experts will support you and why.

3. Every customer or building has its own unique requirements when it comes to FM especially with regards to technical systems / objects. Some are highly dependent on Electrical supply or HVAC or sec uriy or health and safety. Identify the 5 to 10 (minimum) main technical objects that your specific customer or building relies upon mostly and describe why it is important  to the customer and their business operations and what maintenance plan you have in place for these items.

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