dicussion topics-ethical

dicussion topics-ethical
Discussion Topic 1

The Glass Ceiling
Suppose your company is offered a large contract to do business in a country where women are not culturally accepted as management officers. The dilemma is that the person in your company who is best able to run the business in the foreign market is a woman. How would you resolve the dilemma?

Discussion Topic 2

Resolving an Ethical Business Challenge
Go the page 211 of the textbook and read Chapter 7 the Article where Candace has some ethical challenges. Does Candace have any other alternatives than the two that she is considering?
Writing Instruction:

Answer each discussion topic in a 1-2 paragraphs for each.

Use APA style format.

Use textbook readings material to support your thoughts, this is not a coffee chat; movies, reading materials, lectures, books, personal and professional experience, etc. This gives validity and credibility to your response.

Reading Material that can be used for this discussion are Chapters 7 & 8.

Click the link below to download the Business Ethics 11th ed. Textbook. (PDF)

Note: once the project is assigned to you. Look for the attached file with textbook info for access.

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