Develop a change plan that you would implement

Change Plan

Objective: To demonstrate an understanding of managing change strategies from creation to application as well as the role that conflict plays in each phase of implementing a specific change strategy. Attention will be paid to the following issues:

– Internal and external organizational environment

– Positive and negative impact of conflict in a change initiative

– Consideration of various strategies for implementing change

– Identifying conflict resolution approaches to support change

– Evaluation of change strategy success

Task: Critically develop a change plan that you would implement for a real work/organizational conflict or problem. This should be an organization where you have personal knowledge or involvement. You will be writing a describing your strategy and implementation plans. APA 6thedition writing style is required and the title page, abstract, and reference page do not count toward your total word or page count.

A sample outline for your paper would include:

I. Organization and Background

II. Introduction of Problem/Change/Conflict

III. Comparison of Strategies

IV. Implementation Plan

a. Objective or Goal

b. Timeline

c. Barriers

d. Conflict Resolution approach

V. Anticipated Results and Measurements for Success

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