Describe the impact of a happy employee

Envision yourself as the middle manager in your organization, create a PowerPoint presentation for upper-level leadership in an effort to initiate an organizational contribution to employees who are interested in outside professional certification.

In the presentation, it must address the following:

Summarize any connections between professional certifications and employee motivation.

List examples of professional certifications.

Calculate any cost associated with the professional certification.

Explain to your superiors how you will use the 4 Functions Approach to plan, organize, lead, and control this effort.

Describe the impact of a happy employee.

Show any benefit(s) to the customers/stakeholders.

The PowerPoint should meet the following requirements:

8-10 slides (minimum) including title slide and reference slide(s)

Formatted Times New Roman 12 point Double Spaced

Cite a minimum of two scholarly sources

If using bullet points, keep it 7-10 words per bullet and maximum of 5 bullets per slide.

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