Describe setting and actions in italics

When two different writers write on the same topic, even if they don’t directly respond to each other, they can be said to be participating in a metaphorical “conversation” on that topic. Within this conversation/debate, writers will inevitably touch upon certain common ideas, and very possibly they will develop claims that directly agree or disagree with those of other participants.

For this exercise, you will pretend that the metaphorical “conversation” is a real conversation about the claims that you have encountered in your reading and research. You will create a fictional dialogue between two or more authors (you pick the setting that is most appropriate). Be sure to give each claim/argument equal time in your exercise, and avoid oversimplifying (even when discussing an idea with which you do not agree).

Dialog Format Mini Example:

Describe setting and actions in italics. Use “hanging indent” to set the names apart from the dialog.

Professor Lawson: Students must learn to work consistently on their assignments-too many students choose to make socializing their priority rather than school. Procrastination is simply laziness.

Rebecca Student: (Crosses her arms) Not always! Teachers need to realize that students, especially in the last 10 years, do not simply go to school but often work, sometimes more than one job, in addition to taking more classes than ever before. Sometimes procrastination is a sign of overwork, rather than laziness.

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