Describe options for improving the ftp environment

Details: The usage of FTP is somewhat fragmented within Star Clothing Retail. Transaction batches between stores, the warehousing, and home office enter and exit the organizaion through secure FTP servers. Internally, batch processing interfaces are done between development groups using FTP scripts where development group A (logistics) will drop a file on an FTP server that team B (home office support) processes by picking up the file for its batch processing.

FTP scripts are handled by each of the development and support teams. Internal FTP servers are shared for development and quality assurance (DEV/QA2) and one for production batch (PROD2). Consistent standards or a uniform code migration process for scripts are not currently in place and are developed informally by each team. The recommendation could also include some FTP scripting utility product suggestions that may make this effort easily.

In this assignment, you will be in the role of Toby Johnson, Lead System Administrator, Star Clothing.

Write a 1-2 page document that describes the options for improving the FTP environment described. Make a recommendation for a single solution for the FTP environment.

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