Identify a topic taken from those covered within this module that you wish to investigate and critically analyse. Making use of skills and knowledge from other areas of your study programme, produce an essay of 3,000 words.

Topics Available

Culture and change; Culture and strategy; Management and Leadership styles; Cultural diversity; Negotiating cross culturally.

You must gain tutor approval of the topic, prior to commencing the research.

Format; Essay

Submission of Essay; via Turnitin

Submission Date of Essay; 18 March 2016, no later than 23.59hrs

Feedback Date of Essay; 29 April 2016

% of Module; Essay = 50%

Presentation and referencing

The work needs to be presented in the form of an essay, making full use of academic theories/arguments to support your work.

APA 6th edition should be used for referencing and citations

Word Count

3,000 Words

There is no additional allowance. Any work in excess of 3,000 words will not be included as part of the assessment.

You need to fully support your discussions with academic references from a number of sources. For help with your referencing go to

The assignment will be assessed on the relevance, evidence and structure

Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 5, 7.

Criteria 0-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 70 or above
There should be a clear, explanation and justification of the topic chosen. All statements, discussion and recommendations etc. should be fully supported and justified academically.
Inaccurate information and a lack of analysis or relevance to the topic, demonstrating a lack of understanding.

Work is descriptive. Basic explanation of the chosen topic and how it relates within a cross cultural situation. Some understanding demonstrated.

Work is descriptive and basic in its nature. Some attempt to analyse the topic in relation to the cultural environment. The essay lacks clear academic support but contains some theoretical links and some analysis but is generally descriptive A good understanding of the chosen topic and the cultural issues. A good attempt with the analysis and clear use of learning from other modules with good links to academic literature to support the analysis

Excellent understanding, clear analysis of the topic in relation to the cultural issues Excellent links to theory with clear theoretical support to your analysis
The essay should contain a variety of academic sources. Academic sources should be used to support any analysis and discussion and will include journal articles, textbooks and reliable internet sites.
Reliance on lecture notes and lack of academic evidence to support the analysis. Research has been undertaken but is limited in breadth. Mainly reliant on textbooks and general internet sites. Sources include journal articles, textbooks and internet sites recommended on the reading list. Sources are generally academically based with some original material included. Extensive reading from relevant up to date journals to support the discussion, analysis and conclusion
Structure and presentation
The structure of the written work should be an academic essay, which clearly contains an introduction, main body and conclusion. Weak structure and not in essay style. Poor presentation and referencing not using the .APA 6th Attempt at an essay structure but is disjointed and awkward in its style. Presentation should be satisfactory. Attempt made to reference using APA 6th but may not be accurate. Essay format used and satisfactory presentation. Bibliography/ referencing used but may contain errors. Essay format used and a good standard of presentation. Bibliography/ referencing should be generally accurate using APA6th but may contain minor errors. Essay format used with discussion/analysis being logically developed. High standard of presentation and accurate bibliography/ referencing using the APA6th

Generic assessment criteria
Grade Percentage Score Predicted degree classification Criteria
A 90-100

Outstanding I A comprehensive piece of work, well evidenced and supported with accurate referencing throughout. All content is relevant and all aspects of the question are addressed
A 80-89
Excellent I A high quality piece of work though one or two additional considerations could potentially be enhanced to strengthen the answer. Accurate referencing and a substantial body of evidence used to support the answer
A 70-79

High standard I An excellent answer, well evidenced and referenced. One or two minor areas may have been omitted though this does not detract from the overall quality of the argument
B- 67-69
Above average
II(i) A good answer which displays a good familiarity with the available literature. Comprehension of all the issues involved and contains evidence of independent criticism and analysis. Free from errors and all relevant points discussed.
C- 57-59

Average ll)ii) A middle range answer that shows familiarity with the available literature. Comprehension of all the issues involved and contains evidence of independent criticism and analysis. Free from errors and all relevant points discussed.
D- 47-49
Satisfactory lll A poor answer which, whilst demonstrating an understanding of the basic issues involved
(and hence deserves a pass) is deficient in terms of material covered , level of comprehension etc, . Insufficiently researched and, perhaps major errors and omissions
R 37-39
Refer A refer answer which demonstrates a lack of depth in terms of comprehension and knowledge of the subject matter
F 20-29

Fail Little or no understanding of the subject matter and probably a minimum degree of effort
F 10-19

Fail Minimal relevant content within the answer and complete lack of evidence to support. The work is poorly presented.
F 0-9
Fail Virtually no relevant content and inadequate presentation. This grade could be given due to non submission

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