Corporate Tax Return

Corporate Tax Return InstructionsSpring 2017

Oscar Myer Wiener Corporation was organized on January 31, 1998. Oscar manufactures television components. Oscar’s offices are located at 2622 Winnie Street, Orlando,
FL 32818. Oscar’s financial statements are on the attached pdf files. Oscar’s EIN is: 57-9899890 and their business activity code is: 3670.
During the year, Oscar made estimated federal tax payments totaling $15,800. If there is any overpayment of taxes, the accounting department has requested that it be
applied towards next year’s estimated tax. Oscar paid a total of $46,600 of dividends to its shareholders this year. Oscar’s preferred stock is held by 17 different
shareholders, none of whom own more than 10% of the stock in the company. Oscar’s two officers, Fritz and Winnie Myer, each own 50% of the common stock. Fritz’s SSN
is: 199-99-1234 and Winnie’s SSN is: 675-90-9999. Fritz is President of the company and his compensation is $75,000. Winnie is Vice President and her compensation is
During the year, Oscar sold two investments. Orange county bonds purchased on July 6, 2003 were sold on November 16, 2015 for $3,215. Oscar’s adjusted basis in the
bonds was $3,740. Oscar sold 100 shares of Pioneer Corp common stock on March 14, 2015 for $26,300. The stock was purchased for $18,200 on May 9, 2000.
Oscar’s qualified production activities deduction is $2,263 and you do not need to fill out form 8903.
The bad debt expense reported on the income statement is based on the reserve method of accounting. Actual bad debts written off during the year were $7,950. Tax
depreciation is equal to book depreciation.
Complete Oscar’s 1120 for the calendar year ended December 31, 2015.
Complete all required schedules and forms that accompany the 1120.

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