Contemporary Urban Adolescents HD320

Contemporary Urban Adolescents HD320
Each reflection should provide an in-depth analysis of your learning at Pacific Oaks. Address how you’ve met the Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) in each elective class. Be sure to describe how you’ve applied what you have learned to your academic, professional, and personal life (Reflect on your learning, growth and practice, where you are going in your practice base on what you have learned).
You can use the following format if it is helpful to you (Remember that this is about your story, so think about the learning that is meaningful to you).

• Did you fulfill your goals in taking this class? How?
• How did each class add to your knowledge of————————-?
• Have you acquired any new techniques for —————————-? Give an example of one method and describe why you chose it.
• What contributions do you feel you’ve made to others in this class? What contributions did others made to you?
• Have you learned any new concepts that will continue to stimulate your thinking? If so, give an example of what was most useful to you; if not give an example of what would you have found useful.
• Reflecting on your writings and discussion, did you learn anything new about yourself?
As you write your reflections, consider the evidences that you will include in your e-portfolio. Think about artifacts that demonstrate what you know and what you have accomplished. Keep in mind that these artifacts should support the purpose of this portfolio. Each artifact that you include must be explained. How does it validate your competency? Also consider the project you will include in your ePortfolio.

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