Cold Case Arrest Warrant Report

Cold Case Arrest Warrant ReportPaper Details
You will be investigating a cold case: a 1989 homicide that is being reactivated because evidence in a recent robbery has been linked to the unsolved killing.Begin by examining the reports and evidence from the original investigation. Once you are familiar with the homicide case and the people involved, you may proceed to interview persons of interest. As the simulation progresses and you encounter new evidence, you will be able to submit that evidence for various types of forensic testing.

As you proceed with your investigation, you will gather evidence, test results, reports, and witness statements. These items will be placed into your binder as they are created or discovered. Your ultimate goal is to solve the case, and in doing so, to gather enough evidence to secure an indictment from the district attorney.
In your report, be sure to identify the important forensic concepts, techniques, and practices from the textbook that are exemplified, illustrated, or demonstrated in the case investigation. The final paragraph of the report should reflect or discuss how your original investigative plan in project 1 “Action Plan†was different (or not) from the steps you actually took during the investigation (3-4 sentences).

Everything you received in information should be summarized in your report. You should hit all of the following subjects:

Summary of Homicide
Summary of Armed Robbery
Summary of Witness/Suspect Statements
Forensic Reports
Determination of Facts
DO NOT ASSUME I (or your reader) know anything. Your true reader is the judge or commissioner who will issue the warrant. They know nothing about your case. You must convince them to issue a warrant.

The report should be organized in a logical manner and written with professional language with the following requirements:

Between 6 and 8 pages in length.
Business letter or memorandum format.
Double spaced, 1†margins

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