cms (report).

cms (report).The coursework is about CMS.
In the introduction – just say what CMS is – section 2.0 is just describing the call centre in India.

section 3.0 is applying the various theorists.
e.g. what would Weber think about the call centre- he would think it was
a perfect example of a bureaucratic organisation so much so that it has become
an “iron Cage” of bureaucracy , for example, the agents are not allowed to speak to one another.
what would Marx think- he would see the bullying and exploitation of the agents.
what about the power play in the call centre Foucault would see the interplay of power between the agents , their supervisors and the clients – give an exam-ple from the case study.

section 4.0 is recommendations – what would change if you were running the call centre?
section 5.0 is conclusion, e.g. As shown above CMS helps us to examine what is in happening in an organisation from a critical perspective and make recommendations for change. etc.
section 6.0 is references.
and that’s it.

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