CFP Career

CFP Career
Part II Professional Career Plan:

To become a consummate professional, develop a plan for your strategy along the following 13 C’s (Characteristics) of professional skills. If you don’t understand any of these Professional “Characteristics”, please conduct the necessary online research to understand what they mean to you. The plan that you asked to outline must include:

First, the definition to you on each “C”;

second, apply it to your chosen initial career;

and third, what is your strategy to achieve this characteristic for yourself.

i. Compelling Vision

ii. Confidence – optimistic – can do

iii. Charisma – charm, persuasiveness

iv. Choice – intentional

v. Conviction – deeply held beliefs

vi. Commitment – follow through

vii. Competence – have skills

viii. Communication – oral, written

ix. Creativity – know how to start an idea; write a song; build something

x. Classy – dresses well

xi. Courage – take risks – calculated

xii. Cheerful – always positive

xiii. Cool – healthy and fit – both mentally and physically

2. To have the best opportunity to fulfill your initial career plan, please prepare the following:

Your approach to securing an interview and being hired as a professional. Please develop a strategy to become noticed and secure the interest of professionals in the industry where you wish to start your initial career. Conduct online research into innovative ways to be noticed.

please prepare report not exceeding 10 typed pages generated using MS WORD and following APA format with proper citation. You may attach relevant appendices as required to meet the 10 page format.

Please include the web links with the references of the websites you conducted research from.

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