CBL Individual Synthesis Paper

CBL Individual Synthesis Paper
make connections between management theory, your CBL experience, and other organizational experience that is relevant to the management theory you have chosen to explore. You will write one paper that highlights a significant connection that you can make between the management theory as discussed in class and the management literature and your CBL experience. For this paper, the PROCESS of writing will have a significant impact of the final PRODUCT. As I know many people will want to know — I expect the length of your final paper to be approximately 10 pages plus or minus 2.
For this paper, you will choose one of each of the following sources to relate to your experience in your fieldwork:
a. Your CBL fieldwork experience. Here you will draw upon the experiences that you have had with your organization this semester. b. Examples from the management theory literature. Many of the same phenomenon that you will experience in your CBL placement are studied and reported on in management journals such as Harvard Business Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, and others.
c. Your own personal life experience. Here you would write about and describe an experience that has happened to you or that you have witnessed first hand.
OR d. First hand research or experience with another organization. You may choose to find a manager who has experience with a similar management principle or practice that you are reflecting on and you may discuss it with him or her.
The process for writing this paper will include:
a. Working interactively with me throughout the semester including a required meeting during office hours to discuss an early draft of your paper. And b. Working with your presentation team members on early drafts of your paper, and a Students will exchange working drafts and provide face-to-face feedback to each other. c. Meeting with me as a team to discuss your individual and team projects.

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