Case study: Encouaging a healtheir lifestyle

Case study: Encouaging a healtheir lifestyle
WK3 -Writing Assignment

Go to pages 508-515 on “Lululemon: Encouraging a Healthier Lifestyle.” Then Discuss the 3 questions at the end on pg.515.


1. How has Lululemon handled various ethical issues that it has faced over the last few years?

2. How has the ethical culture of Lululemon impacted its relationship with customers and employees?

3. To avoid negative publicity and ethical challenges, what steps should Lululemon take to improve its stakeholder relationships?

Writing Instruction:

Use APA style format.

Written assignment is requested to be 1-2 page of content, which does not include cover page and reference section.

Click the link below to download the Business Ethics 11th ed. Textbook. (PDF)

NOTE: once the project is assigned to you. Please look for the attachment file that has the textbook access info.

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