Which of the following is typically NOT a qualitative research method?

Action Research

Experimental research

Grounded Theory


Qulitative research is usally used for

Theory building

Theory testing

Theory falsification

None of these

Which of the following is NOT true?

Qualitative research usually entails high envolvement of the researcher with the study participants and the study context

Qualitative research usually aims to understand or interpret a particular phenomenon of interest

Qualitative research usually aims to control for confounding variables in order to isolate the impact of an independet variable on a dependent one

Quantiative research usually aims to explain a particular phenomenon

In a situation where a researcher is not sure about the exact phenomena he or she wishes to study, the following format of an interview is likely to be used:


None of the above



Which of the following is true?

Qualitative research can be mixed with quantiative research

Qualitative research should never be mixed with quantitative research to make sure that facts are serated from opinions

Qualitative research can be mixed with quantitative research only when an exploratory study is conducted

None of these

In qualitative research, data collection is usually stopped when:

The amount of information to be transcribed becomes unbearable

The number of subjects interviewed reaches a certain predetermined number

No additional isnights are obtained by interviewing additional subjects

Qualitative data collection never stops, it’s a permanent process

Non-probabillity sampling involes each of the following techniques EXCEPT:

Purposive sampling

Random sampling

Snowball sampling

Convenience sampling

Which of the following is NOT true?

Sample sizes in qualitative studies tend to me smaller than in quantiative studies

Qualitative studies involve frequent iterations of data analysis to discover and refine study insights

Qualitative studies typically rely on a non-probability convenience sampling

Qualitative studies are typically cross-sectional

Which of the following is NOT true?

Quantitative research typically deals with numbers

Qualitative research typically deals with themes

In qualitative research, facts are often mixed with human judgements

In quantiative research, manual (not computerized) and subjective analysis of data by researchers is very common

If a researcher is interested in a phenomenon that is a common concern among a larger group of people, then the following interview arrangement is likely to be used:

Individual interview

Group interview

Celebrity interview

None of these

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