Blue Apron Marketing

Blue Apron MarketingBlue Apron Company Marketing Analysis

2000 Words

Briefly describe the segmentation branding, pricing and differentiation strategy hypotheses of this company (500 words maximum).


•      Briefly describe the role of played by the online marketing tactics of this company in its overall marketing strategy (500 words maximum.)Â

•      Discuss how its marketing choices are based on can do a better job of competing (ultimately, making profits) against its competitors by adjusting its marketing strategy, referring specifically to the competitors your group is working on (750 words maximum.)Â


•      Discuss how it can use analytics (beyond what it is already doing) to improve its profits (750 words maximum.)

Grading Criteria

•      Understanding shown of branding, pricing, segmentation and differentiation? (25%)

•      Understanding shown of use of marketing strategy to compete, not just to sell to customers? (25%)

•      Understanding shown of usefulness and limitations of online marketing? (25%)


•      Understanding shown of usefulness and limitations of analytics? (25%)

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