Assignment on beat the hacker

Q 1- “Beat the Hacker ” Please respond to the following:

A honeypot can be a useful for discovering some of the hacking trends occurring within an organization. Of course, there have to be certain measures placed upon its operation, maintenance, and the reconnaissance information obtained as a result. Describe some of the negative consequences of implementing a honeypot within any organization. Determine if honeypots may or may not favor the intruder, rather than serve its true intended purpose to fool intruders.

Provide a least two examples of security knowledge that would assist you in preparing for or preventing a threat. Explain the time-sensitive nature of the knowledge.

Q 2- Audits and Assessments” Please respond to the following:

From the e-Activity, explain, in your own words, each security compliance measure and how each, in general, is designed to protect an organization.

Security assessment tools vary with industry. Imagine being hired as a security auditor for a single, small privately-owned bank. Imagine that the bank has deployed typical industry-wide physical, network, application, and system security commonly seen in banks; including cameras, security guards, bank tellers, safes, proxies, firewalls, etc. In addition, the bank also has an Internet portal for its customers to access their bank accounts 24 / 7. Discuss the process you would go through in choosing vulnerability assessment tools.

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