Assessment 1 – Journal article to review

Assessment 1 – Journal article to review
Assessment 1 requires you to access and critique a recent published article from one of the foremost academic journals in the area, the Journal of Consumer Behaviour. This assessment is designed to develop your skills in accessing, reading and critically thinking about published academic research. You will build on the skills learnt in this assessment item to complete your major assessment piece, the Literature Review.
The journal article for you to critique is the following:
Chen, K. J., Kim, J., & Lin, J.S. (2015). The effects of affective and cognitive elaborations from Facebook posts on consumer attitude formation. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 14, 208-218.

The article to review is attached and it should be supported other articles

Formatting requirements
Please ensure your assignment submission adheres to the following formatting requirements:

1. Margins: 1.5cm minimum
2. Font: 12 point, Arial or Times New Roman
3. Line spacing: at least 1.5 line spacing
4. Page numbers: all pages must be numbered
5. Cover sheet: required, with student name, student number, and an accurate word count
6. Reference list: APA format.
7. Word count: 900 words, excluding references

7 (range 85 – 90 – 100)     6 (range 75 – 80 – 84)     5 (range 65 – 70 – 74)     4 (range 50 – 57 – 64)     3-1 (range 0-25-49%)
Overall contribution     Excellent assignment. The content is highly relevant, shows a command of the topic.     Very good to excellent. Highly competent, well referenced and consistent.     Good to Very good effort. Some key points in terms of the critique.     The assignment here often is competent in one area but weak in another.     The assignment requires more logic and justification for arguments or involves plagiarism.
Article review     Excellent critique. You correctly state the article contribution, you show an appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of the research. Your critiques make logical sense and may draw upon other articles to justify points made.     Your critique shows competence in critical thinking. Solid effort.     Your critique shows a good effort but tends to be descriptive in nature. Critiques here frequently describe an article rather than analyze its merit.     The critique is fragmented and lacks a sequential logic.     The critique is poor, uses logic unrelated to the course or involves plagiarism.
Format and referencing style.     You organise content clearly and logically, and make no technical errors with very professional presentation. You correctly use the APA referencing style. Length is correct (900 words).     You organise content clearly and make very few technical errors with professional presentation. You use correctly APA referencing style.     You organise content clearly and make few technical errors. You use correctly APA referencing style and presentation is professional. Length may be incorrect.     You attempt to organise content and make technical errors. You use correctly APA style referencing. Presentation is average but could benefit from improved layout and neatness. Length may be incorrect.     You present content in an incoherent way and make frequent technical errors. You do not use APA referencing style correctly. Length is incorrect. Plagiarism.

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