Anthropology Assignment

Anthropology AssignmentIn this assignment you will continue your study of rituals. Rituals are actually very common in our lives. For this writing assignment I want you to think about the rituals you have observed either as a participant or an observer.

1. Make a list of specific rituals you have participated in during your lifetime. It doesn’t have to be a complete list, but try to include at least 10 rituals in your list. Include both religious and secular rituals. Identify each ritual with a brief description (one or two sentences will do nicely).

2. Next classify each ritual on your list according to the classification presented in the textbook. For example, is it a social ritual of intensification or perhaps a rite of passage?

3. Looking over your list, what kinds of rituals are most frequently encountered in your life?

4. What important roles do these rituals play in your life?

If you wish you may write your essay directly in the box you will find when you open the assignment. Or you may write your essay on your computer using whatever word processing program you normally use. But the essay must be saved either as a Word file (.doc, docx), an Open Document Text file (.odt), a Portable Document Format file (.pdf), or a Rich Text File (.rtf). You will then need to upload your completed essays to Canvas as a computer file.

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