Annotated Bibliography

Annotated BibliographyOrder Description
In this assignment, you will create an Annotated Bibliography consisting of five sources. Each entry will consist of a reference list citation that precedes a summary of the source. Your Annotated Bibliography will include the elements listed below.

Your Annotated Bibliography must contain specific elements. Your grade is largely based on your inclusion of these elements, as well as your ability to summarize your sources.

1. Cover page and APA formatting:
You will include an APA-style cover page for your Annotated Bibliography. Your cover page should include the following: the title, your name, and the name of your university (Columbia Southern University). Your title will appear in the running head which should include up to 50 characters from the title of the paper, along with a sequential page number in the upper right-hand corner.
The following conventions should be followed as well.
• The entries should be ordered in alphabetical order according to the first substantive word in the reference list citation.
• The entire Annotated Bibliography should be double-spaced, with no additional spaces between entries.
• No reference list should be included with the Annotated Bibliography, as the entries themselves will contain the reference list citation information.
• The first line of each reference list citation should be flush left with the left-hand margin (no indentation), and the second and proceeding lines should be indented ½” from the left-hand margin (hanging indent of one-half inch).
• The summary paragraph begins on the line following the end of the reference. It lines up with the indented portion of the reference, with the exception that the first line is indented an additional one-half inch. (Look at the example to see how this formats.)

2. Entries:
Each of the five entries should begin with a reference list citation in APA format and be followed by a summary of the source’s information. An Annotated Bibliography summary should include the most important information from the text. Sometimes, this means that you will broadly summarize larger portions of text (as in main ideas of a whole essay); other times, this means that you will focus on summarizing one paragraph out of an entire source. Whenever you quote information, use APA in-text citations.

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