Andrew Jackson controversial figure

Andrew Jackson remains a controversial figure in American history. Some people consider him an iconic hero for the common man, while others see him as a hateful villain.
How can intelligent people arrive at such different interpretations of the same prominent individual?

As you formulate your response, you should consider and address at least these three factors: 1) Jackson’s background, personality, and rise to power 2) Jackson’s role in Indian Removal 3) Jackson’s role in the Nullification Crisis.Â

·        Minimum 550 words. Â

·       Answer each part of the question in complete sentences, and start a new paragraph each time you change subjects.


·       Only use the textbook as your source. No outside sources are permitted.  Textbook: America: A Narrative History ( Vol 1, 10th ed), George Brown Tindall and David E Shi.

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