“Multinational Enterprise (MNE)”

– “Multinational Enterprise (MNE)”

Multi-national enterprises (MNE) routinely enter new markets to chase their global competition. More often they must compete with local businesses that are often seen as ill equipped to challenge larger global MNE’s. This is not always accurate. Chose at least one company to discuss that fits the MNE definition in hospitality industry

To provide practice and the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities in:

1. Support your analysis of the problem with reference to models found in the textbook reading and supplemental resources.

2. On the basis of your analysis, develop alternative courses of actions that the company(s) you researched and discussed could follow. Could you find similar company’s to benchmark?

3. Based your recommendations on clear and specific decision criteria (qualitative and quantitative). List data to support your ideas using academic resources

Length: 2,500–3,000 words

Discuss the challenges Multi-National’s (MNE’s) face during a company’s expansion across the globe. Provide recommendations and examples of how companies can learn from those who have successfully or unsuccessfully maintained their market share during a period of global expansion. Be sure to discuss best practices on how local firms battle MNE’s. How does individual countries antitrust policy factor into this?

Utilize data to support your analysis.

Use the APA referencing system, format and present your work in the following layout:

ï‚· Cover Page

ï‚· Executive Summary

ï‚· Table of Contents

ï‚· List of Tables and Figures Background

ï‚· Issue Statement

ï‚· Analysis of the Problem

ï‚· Alternatives Analysis and Selection Criteria

ï‚· Recommendations

ï‚· Action and Implementation Plan

ï‚· Reference List

ï‚· Appendices

ï‚· APA Reference List (minimum 7 scholarly sources)

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