Advantages and disadvantages of public use of social media

“Power of the Press (20 points)” Please respond to the following:
Go to the Daily Mail website, (, or use other business-related websites of your choice to search for a news article concerning a company that is having an ethical issue. Next, examine the use of social media marketing campaigns for and against the company regarding the ethical issue, and analyze the main advantages and disadvantages of the public’s use of social media for this company. (e.g., Did it unjustly persecute the company? Is it a new form of watchdog? and so on.) Note: Include the source of your chosen article in your discussion post.

From Part I of this discussion, imagine that you are the marketing manager hired to keep the public informed of the progress of the company’s ethical issue. You have decided to use a blog. Propose your main objectives, your content strategy, and how you plan to gather information from your readers for future use for the blog. Provide a rationale for your proposal.

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