Advanced critical writing

Advanced critical writing

1. Argument essay structure 2. Cohesion and coherence 3. Integration of secondary sources incl. paraphrasing and summarising techniques, intext referencing skills and bibliographic accuracy 4. Grammatical range and accuracy 5. lexical range and accuracy
This coursework requires you to write extended argument essay on a topic which is connected to your intended degree course which is Business Management with travel and tourism.
You are responsible for choosing the topic and title for your essay which must be an argument essay title. You can create an argument essay title by writing a yes/no style question which could starting with one of the following:

Should/ will/ would/ do/ does/ is / are / can / could?

In order to write your essay you will need to do reading and research. You should familiarise yourself with the online library system and MyAthens, and start reading articles and researching into common themes within your degree subject. This will help you to find a title you are interested in, and you can begin to collect sources (e.g. journal articles) to integrate into your writing. Your research should not only be limited to websites, but should include academic articles and books.

The coursework should follow the structural requirements of an argument essay. This means you have to include the following:

Introduction (including a clear thesis statement which clearly identifies your position)

Body paragraphs (approximately 4-5 paragraphs)
Each paragraph needs to include: your argument; a counter argument, a rebuttal and evidence of reading with examples.


Throughout your essay you need to show evidence that you have researched and evaluated other opinions on the subject. This is a key feature of an argument essay which helps to strengthen your position, for example:

According to Smith (2014) or It is argued that .. (Irving, 2012)

A video with details of how to start your essay and what to include can be found here:

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