Topic: Clinical Application of Attachment theory

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clinical application of theory.  apply
modern attachment theory and self psychology to a client they currently see in treatment.

a scholarly paper, drawing on the relevant literature. Diversity issues must be
Assignment 1: Clinical Application of Explanatory Theory
Please choose a client with whom you are currently working or with whom you have worked in the past.
Analyze the case in terms of modern attachment theory, an integration of attachment theory and
neurobiology. The latter would include information on how stress affects your client. ( you can make this up) however I gave you a good history)

Next, please switch
to a self psychology paradigm, analyzing the case using a Kohutian framework. A brief introduction of the
case should take no more than a half page.
Students should draw upon the material presented in this course, which includes the readings on the
syllabus and class lectures/discussions. ( I have included the list of required readings for you to refer to)

Please include some issues of diversity where applicable.

This is a scholarly paper; at least 10 references are required. The paper should be 6–10 pages in APA

style, using 12-point font, either 1.5- or double-spaced. There is a lot to get into these pages so make
every sentence count. Be succinct, no fluff!

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